A complete indexed reference guide to the Talmud and Mishnayos containing the location of topics, sayings, anecdotes, maxims, parables, significant subject matter law, Biblical exegesis and Biblical  and Talmudic personalities, organized according to each Tractate  including a Hebrew Aramaic transliteration and integrated glossary, but not as a word search engine.

Name: Sefer Hamafteach – שם הספר: המפתח
Subject: Indexed Reference Guide by Tractates – הנושא: מפתח לש”ס
Author: Daniel Retter – המחבר: ר’ דניאל רטר
Content: Index – תוכן: מפתח
Cover: Hard – כריכה: קשה
Language: English – שפה: אנגלית
Page count: 920 :מספר עמודים

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